we had dinner
you talked, And
that YOU did

in my head, I said
why would you dine with me?
Bashfully, grabbing my fork,
I blush like a ding-a-ling dork.

we had dinner
you chatted on, excitedly
that you did

as you spoke
interestingly & soft,
so kind, sparkle colorful
words popping & wise,
dancing hands and happy eyes

we had dinner
you prattled on, wonderfully
that you did

in my head, I thought
swirling and fraught
why did you ask me?
I am boring you see-ee.

we had dinner
you nattered on. Thank God
that you did

I learned about you
happily so! Me?
oh nothing, oh nothing
keep speaking, I ple-eead
oh please, oh please. yes! indeed.

we had dessert
coffee, tea & cookie-ee
you talked, My word!
Your stories did flow– -thankfully so

Oh Why! did you
have dinner with me
I thought…

oh! so pain–fully